Enroll in Our Early Childhood Program!

Kidz Kingdom prepares children for kindergarten in a safe, clean, fun and family-oriented learning environment! We are enrolling children (from 1 to 5 years) for our program.

Because the early childhood years are the most important years in our lives. A well-rounded, safe, nurturing experience during that time forms the basis for how we learn and adapt the rest of our life. Time spent at a child care center plays an important part in that development.

We are proud to offer the following elements to our program:

· School based curriculum: The Creative Curriculum

· Weekly Spanish Instruction

· Ongoing communication with parents

· Parent-teacher conferences twice a year

· Developmental Screenings: ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE

The Creative Curriculum

Kidz Kingdom has incorporated the Creative Curriculum to implement developmentally appropriate programs that promote children’s social-emotional development and learning in the core content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts and technological awareness.

Days and Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday 6:30 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Monday- Thursday: Normal Classroom/ Curriculum Instruction

Friday:  “Limited Instruction/ Field Trip Day”

Daily Schedule

6:30–9:00 a.m. Arrival
9:00–9:15 a.m. Group Meeting
9:15–10:15 a.m. Choice Time and Small Groups (Clean up)
10:15–10:30 a.m. Snack Time
10:30–10:40 a.m. Group Time
10:40–11:20 a.m. Outdoor Choice Time  (Clean up)*
11:20–11:50 a.m. Bathroom/ Story Time
11:50 a.m.–12:45 p.m. Lunch
12:45–2:15 p.m. Rest Time
2:15–2:45 p.m. Snack/ Quiet Activities
2:45–3:00 p.m. Group Time
3:00–3:30 p.m. Outdoor Choice Time (Clean up)*
3:00–5:45 p.m. Closing and Departures


*Outdoor Choice Time is dependent upon weather