A message from the Founder/Owner:

I’m a wife, mother of two boys, long-distance runner and an entrepreneur. Currently, I’m leading my own K-12 consulting firm, EdReform Partners, where I partner with schools and their stakeholders to promote city-wide educational reform. Prior to this initiative, I served as Deputy Director of the Office of Charter Schools at Detroit Public Schools. I also have several years of community development experience.

I’m committed to several causes including: children, education, racial equity and women’s issues. Two of those causes led me to co-found The Detroit Women’s Leadership Network, a group of women of all races, ages and career stages united by our belief in mentoring, uplifting and supporting one another.

Although, my many years of corporate, non-profit and government experience have been quite valuable and have added to my skills and abilities, they could not have fully prepared me for this moment. I was driven to open Kidz Kingdom because of my children, Eugene and Preston. These two darling boys enjoy various recreational and educational experiences. I frequently take them to visit museums, zoos, and even indoor playgrounds. We drive to wherever we must to have fun; however it’s not always convenient.

After the birth of my second son, while visiting a fun spot, it occurred to me I could open up one of these places and probably do an even better job. I dropped it in a bucket and didn’t revisit it for many months. Then, one Sunday afternoon in particular, I promised Eugene I would take him somewhere indoors to play. Although, I knew very well there weren’t any places near my home, I begin to search the web just in case. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single indoor playground in the entire city. I remember driving from downtown Detroit to Livonia, Michigan to fulfill my promise to him. It was at this point I knew I needed to do something about my idea.

Now, here I am moving full speed ahead and this is only the beginning. Again, my children are at the center of this movement. Eugene Jr. is 6 years old but he is as much the founder as I am. He named the business, acts as an advisor and considers himself a Jr. entrepreneur. My husband has been extremely supportive and I could not have pursued this venture without him by my side. When you visit Kidz Kingdom, I hope you feel the spirit of childhood wonder and excitement. It has truly been designed with children in mind and the essence of family and togetherness are at the core of our purpose.

Danielle D. North
Kidz Kingdom – Detroit’s First Indoor Playground