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American Families & “The Talk” - Paperback (In stock)

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From the Op-ed written by Danielle North entitled Hope, reality and 'the talk': The challenges of Black parenthood comes the author's debut children's book, American Families & "The Talk". Children and parents alike will enjoy this easy and fun read. Narrated and told through the eyes of Gene, the eldest son, readers experience what "The Talk" is like from a child's perspective. Gene is very intelligent, inquisitive, and full of facts! He makes the experience come to life as you will learn all about his family, the activities they enjoy, and the discussions they have together. 

We struggled through having difficult conversations about race and racial injustices in our country with our children in a year filled with heavy tensions. Primarily because we’ve worked so hard to provide a safe and loving environment for our children that often shields them from the realities that exist. This book was written in an effort to expose children to positive representations of Black families and assist parents with having “The Talk” with them. While hate can be taught, love can be taught as well. We hope you enjoy and share with your circle of friends and strangers alike.

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